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Questions to Ask When Considering Hiring a Divorce Lawyer in Tampa Bay

When you decide to consult with a Tampa divorce lawyer, it is important that you come prepared to ask and answer questions that are pertinent to your divorce case. Every case is unique and your Tampa family law attorney should be able to answer any questions you may have.

Here are a few questions that you should ask before hiring a Divorce lawyer in Tampa.

1.)  How long have you been practicing family law?
Nilo J Sanchez & Associates has been practicing family law in Tampa Bay for 20 years and has litigated divorce cases in the 13th and 6th Judicial courts, serving clients in Tampa Bay, St. Petersburg / Clearwater area and in Pasco County, Florida.

2.)  Do You Specialize in Representing Both Men and Women?
It is a preference for some clients to retain a Tampa Divorce Lawyer who may represent either
men or women in divorce. I represent both men and women and work to achieve the best results
for your family as a whole.

3.)  Retainer Fees
Divorce lawyers charge a retainer fee to either initiate the divorce proceedings for you or to
to represent you in a divorce proceeding that has been filed against you. It is important for you to
understand how these fees are calculated and how hours and costs will be billed.

4.)  Negotiation, Litigation and Family Mediation
 It can be crucial to the outcome of your case if your divorce lawyer has experience in all of these

5.) How Many Divorce Cases Have You Handled?

6.) How Long Will My Case Take to Finalize?

7.) How Will You Communicate With Me?

8.) Will You be Able to Determine the Outcome of my Case?
It is important to understand that no divorce lawyer can guaranty an outcome but an experienced
divorce lawyer will be able to provide you possible outcomes based on your situation and Florida
case law.

9.)  Do You Have Experience With High Net Worth Divorces?
If you or your spouse have high net worth and considerable assets, this is an important question to ask.If you are hiring a Tampa divorce lawyer should have resources and the ability to litigate or 
negotiate high net worth divorces which can be much more complicated.

It is important to hire a divorce lawyer in Tampa, Florida that you are personally comfortable with, experience and longevity in family law in Florida. For a consultation or to obtain more information about our Tampa Florida family law firm, please call (813) 879-4600 or visit or


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