Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Tampa Child Support Attorney on Child Support Enforcement

If you were divorced in Hillsborough County, Pinellas County or Pasco County, Florida and you require the assistance of a Tampa divorce attorney with child support enforcement matters, the family law firm of Nilo J Sanchez and Associates can help.

Your divorce is final. You finally can begin to move on from what is often times a very traumatic and life changing event in your life. If you have children and have been granted primary custody, you were also likely to have been awarded child support. In Florida, parents, whether having been married or not, are equally responsible to support their children and child support guidelines are used to establish the amount of child support to be awarded. Visitation or timeshare schedules are also set up and are generally considered in the final settlement agreement with regards to the amount of support to be paid. For most parents who have primary custody, it is imperative that they receive the court ordered child support, on time and for the full amount ordered. Unfortunately, there are times when the parent who has been ordered to pay child support neglects their obligation to the other parent (and their children) going against the court order that has been established. When this happens it can be very difficult to collect your support without the assistance of an aggressive Tampa family law attorney.

If you are not receiving your court ordered child support you may wish to hire an attorney to assist you with filing a child support enforcement order with the courts. Nilo J Sanchez, divorce and child support lawyer is located in Tampa, Florida and has been assisting clients with matters of post divorce enforcement orders such as child support enforcement for two decades and will take an aggressive approach to collecting child support, as well as child support arrearages, daycare expenses, medical bills or even enforce orders that refer to maintaining insurance for the minor child or children.

It is every child's right to be financially supported by both parents and family law lawyer, Nilo J Sanchez will take an aggressive and knowledgeable approach to ensure that every legal step is taken to collect the support that the primary custodial parent has been awarded--- so the financial needs of the children are cared for.

Do You Owe Back Child Support?

Alternatively, there are times after your divorce has been finalized, or even if you were never married, that you have been ordered to pay child support yet circumstances have truly changed. Perhaps you have lost your job, become ill, or have had other substantial changes since the final order. Before you get behind on your child support, contact our Tampa family law office to see about getting a modification of child support. Severe penalties, both civil and criminal are more likely to be avoided if you take the proper steps to ensure that your child support is paid and obligations are met according to your final order. If you have child support arrearages and you have been served with a summons for the enforcement of child support, contact Tampa, Florida divorce lawyer Nilo Sanchez and Associates for a consultation.

Owing child support is no small matter and although you may have had circumstances that have made it impossible to pay your child support obligations, your children are entitled to be supported by both parents under the law and there are strict guidelines set forth to ensure this happens. Often times, Florida's Child Support Enforcement becomes involved with child support cases and if the other parent has sought out help through that agency to collect their court ordered support, it can be challenging to get the help you need, to get back on track with your support or to enter into a modification.

For a consultation with Tampa family law attorney, Nilo J Sanchez and Associates, please call (813) 879-4600 or visit our website at http://www.divorcelawyer-tampa.com for additional information on how we can assist you with a child support enforcement case in Tampa ( Hillsborough County) Land O Lakes, Lutz, Dade City, NPR, Florida ( Pasco County) or St. Pete, Clearwater, Florida (Pinellas County) Mr. Sanchez has extensive experience in litigating child support enforcement cases in these courts.

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